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Henri De Villeneuve: Chairman and Founder

Henri De Villeneuve

His History

After graduating from HEC (France’s top business school) and the IEP (France top political studies institute), Henri de Villeneuve has achieved an international career, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

1976 -1984Union de Transports Aériens (UTA)

He represents UTA, the second French airfreight company specialised on Africa, successively in Cameroon, Chad, Angola and finally Congo-Brazzaville, as each of these countries is going through important crisis, he constantly adapts to the ever changing and complex human environment.

He manages effectively the pressure of a demanding profession with international standards in often chaotic local environments.

1984-1992Airline and ocean shipping

He returns to France where he works as senior officer and top executive. From the transportation commission (SCAC) to ocean shipping (Delmas Vieljeux), he finally returns to air freight (TAT European Airlines) where he plays an important role in the European air transport deregulation.

Through this experience in France, he acquired both a managerial expertise in large corporates and an international expertise with frequent travels in Asia and America.

1992 - 2000Entrepreneurship

Henri creates and develops the activities of Bourbon Group in Madagascar.

He starts creating companies in ever developing and changing environments, and structures projects in food industry, supply chain, real estate and shipping.

Since 2001COBASA

In 2001 Henri creates his own consultancy structure in Johannesburg. He first worksfor Bourbon Axa Investment Fund, and in 2007, he becomes independent.

He initiates investments in the numerous sectors: Wine estate (South Africa), Waste management (South Africa), Agribusiness (Mozambique), Telecommunications (Madagascar), Brewery (Madagascar), Hotel/Tourism (Mauritius), Duty Free port (Mauritius), Ocean shipping (Indian Ocean), Real Estate (Reunion Island).

He provides his expertise in various international companies in several industries from food industry, to IT and telecommunication (Internet access, civilian drones and fundraising).

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