Our Services

Our Vision

Tailor-made suits Africa better

The potential of Africa has been, is and will remain tremendous and unexploited. Change and transformation are inherent to Africa. Risk and growth are often part of the same picture. Embracing complexity is part of any African journey.

Today a new economic, human and cultural dynamism operates. We witness the increasing integration of Africa into the world’s exchanges and economic map. Regional markets are integrated through increased cross-border trade and investments. Stronger value chains emerge. Among them, some sectors make the headlines. Telecommunications and new technologies burst. Infrastructures develops rapidly. And strong demographics combined with the world’s increased need for food triggers a slow but long waited for agricultural revolution.


Unique business opportunities emerge

We think that identifying these opportunities requires a wise reading and a sharp sensitivity. We believe that the key of success in Africa is a comprehensive knowledge of the environment combined with a practical experience of the realities, a commitment to a long term investment perspective, and a strong and detailed implementation strategy.

We want to be part of a sustainable change and promote new cross-border dynamics on the continent, and this is why our activity is focused on bringing investors into the African landscape.

Our Mission

You are planning to integrate Africa into your international network, you wish to keep ahead of competitors, matching risk and growth is still a key issue?

Cobasa is your starting point on the continent.

  • We control the specific risks linked to your project
  • We identify the relevant strategy
  • And we support your local operational deployment


Our Interventions

We help you through the investor’s value chain


Market intelligence and market assessment

  • Legal, fiscal, political and economic environment
  • Value chain analysis
  • Identification of key drivers
  • Risk factors – Barriers to entry
  • Decision process
  • Competitive landscape
  • Opportunities for development and identification of potential partners

We always work on the basis of targeted field missions and field partners


Investment opportunities & Investment Strategy

  • Targets identification
  • Partners identification
  • Framework building – Investment options and methodology
  • Fund raising options
  • Legal and tax environment


Organic development – Support on M&A

  • Partnership negotiation
  • Business plan
  • Negotiation with financial partners – equity and banks
  • Coordination of due diligence
  • Communication, lobbying
  • Coordination with local political authorities and legal institutions
  • Construction of implementation plan
  • Setting up local resources/identification of key positions (managers etc)
  • Implementation plan coordination and proposition of adjustment plan