A unique investment consulting company on the continent

Cobasa is an investment management company dedicated to Africa. Located in Johannesburg, at the crossroads of the Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa, COBASA provides a unique investment advisory service on the continent.

COBASA is active in Africa since 35 years, through a network of privileged partners with a proven track record in Africa and wishing to promote the emergence of new cross-border dynamics on the continent.


Driving you through Africa

A complex journey

African countries’ history, cultural, and legislative are diverse and their economies are at different degrees of development. Investing in Africa is a complex journey. We deliver a pro-active support based on an in-depth knowledge of African environments and a wide experience of this fast growing region.

Tailored Strategies

The size and diversity of African markets are challenging factors for international investors. We support our clients in the achievement of their objectives by optimizing their strategies and action plans to fit the targeted countries and industries.

Across Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa remains regionally fragmented as regards investments, cross-border economic exchanges and business development. We help create synergies, we bring anglophone clients into French-speaking Africa, and French investors into southern, eastern and Lusophone Africa. We assist our clients, small to medium company managers and shareholders, investment funds, medium size groups and multinational corporations through a proactive approach in their quest for growth: acquisition, organic growth, financing…


The right skills to meet the challenge

We have a strong capacity to accurately assess risks, foresee evolution, sense the wind of change, feel people and grasp reality. This relies on strong fundamentals:

  • An extensive business experience across sub-Saharan Africa
  • An in-depth and ground-based understanding of the African diversity, and its economic, cultural and environmental challenges
  • A strong and well developed pan-African network
  • Our privileged relationships with the French and International financial institutions and investors
  • The strategic location of our office in Johannesburg, the indisputable hub of the African continent, offering:
    • Large fund raising capacity for the region
    • Privileged access to regional resources and technology
    • The first stock exchange on the continent
    • The presence of international groups and their African subsidiaries head offices


Passion, Tenacity, Realism

Henri de Villeneuve’s passion for Africa came while he was travelling in Burundi after graduating from university in 1972. It stayed. Convinced that the key to this attractive and emergent continent is investment, and on the basis of a strong entrepreneurial experience and a wide network of people, Henri finally created his own investment advisory boutique in 2001.

COBASA is led by strong values: passion, realism and tenacity


Tailor-made suits Africa better

The potential of Africa has been, is and will remain tremendous and unexploited. Change and transformation are inherent to Africa. Risk and growth are often part of the same picture. Embracing complexity is part of any African journey.

Today a new economic, human and cultural dynamism operates. We witness the increasing integration of Africa into the world’s exchanges and economic map. Regional markets are integrated through increased cross-border trade and investments. Stronger value chains emerge. Among them, some sectors make the headlines. Telecommunications and new technologies burst. Infrastructures develops rapidly. And strong demographics combined with the world’s increased need for food triggers a slow but long waited for agricultural revolution.

Unique business opportunities emerge

We think that identifying these opportunities requires a wise reading and a sharp sensitivity. We believe that the key of success in Africa is a comprehensive knowledge of the environment combined with a practical experience of the realities, a commitment to a long term investment perspective, and a strong and detailed implementation strategy. We want to be part of a sustainable change and promote new cross-border dynamics on the continent, and this is why our activity is focused on bringing investors into the African landscape.